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Custom Salesforce Apps by Skydog Ops

From years of implementing and customizing CRMs, we've seen a common set of challenges that high-growth companies face. From those experiences we've developed a suite of pre-built, downloadable Salesforce apps. These apps seamlessly integrate into any Salesforce org, are fully customizable, and get you and your team moving faster.

Purchase each app individually or enjoy them for free as a Skydog client.


Salesforce Lead-to-Account Matching

Automatically match Leads to existing Accounts in Salesforce, with the ability to add custom matching rules, ownership reassignment, Slack/Email alerts, and more. Discover more here


Salesforce Custom Round Robin

A custom interface to easily create and edit Round Robin owner assigment rules for any type of record in Salesforce. This is just a glimpse - learn more.


HubSpot-to-Salesforce Campaign Attribution 

Automatically associate HubSpot contacts with a matching Campaign in Salesforce. Learn about the full capabilities here.

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