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Pinning and Favoriting

For many of us working in Salesforce, we visit a lot of the same record pages, list views, reports, or dashboards weekly, or even daily. Pinning and favoriting assists us in accessing frequently visited Salesforce pages with fewer "clicks". Pinning relates to List Views, while Favoriting helps you save your frequently viewed records, dashboards, reports, and folders for easy access. You can favorite up to 200 records/pages.

If you haven't utilized Pinning yet, you're likely taken to the standard "Recently Viewed" page when visiting the Opportunities, Accounts, Leads, or Contacts tabs. This standard view is often not the most useful.Note that you can only pin one list view per object page. Interested in creating your own list view? Check out the "Related Posts" section at the bottom of this page and watch "Creating and Editing List Views."


Level of Difficulty: 1 (5 being the hardest)


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