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5 Top Qualities of a Great CRM Implementation Consultant

To be a great CRM implementation consultant, you need the combination of business and technical skills: to understand the Chief Revenue Officer’s vision for how a company should run its commercial operations and translate that vision into skilled execution.

Execution is the most important thing a CRM implementation consultant does.

Don’t think of an implementation consultant as just giving you advice and recommendations: CRM consultants are hands-on, implementing and building a CRM instance that will help the org sell better, with maximum adoption by its users.

What does a CRM Implementation consultant do?

Ultimately, a great CRM consultant follows a time-tested process. In order, they:

  1. Understand your unique business’s commercial processes, goals, and environment

  2. Map out system architecture, gaining approval and aligning internally before installing and migrating anything

  3. Set up and configure integrations the business needs to make all of the tools in the tech stack talk to each other

  4. Migrate data from the previous CRM or other system so that important data is carried over into the new CRM

Train users to maximize adoption among the sellers, marketers, and account managers who will be actually using the CRM.

Do you need a CRM Implementation consultant?

The reason to hire an outside firm to implement a CRM for you is straightforward: you want to get your CRM up and running fast, you want your implementation to be highly effective, and you don't have the internal resources to do that. This is when companies bring in an outside expert to handle the heavy lift flawlessly.

How do the best CRM Implementation consultants operate?

So how do you choose? Start by understanding what makes a CRM consultant great, not just “good enough.” Here’s what to look for.

They understand your unique business

Good CRM consultants have wide experience in various sectors. A great one will be knowledgeable about your particular niche.

They have technical and business expertise

Great CRM consultants are both super proficient with technology and savvy about business in general. You need both to be the best at this.

They understand the full RevOps ecosystem

Make sure your CRM consultant demonstrates a full understanding of RevOps. This isn’t just about data living in one system, after all. Systems must talk to each other, and they should know how to see how the big picture integrates well together.

They believe in crawl, walk, run

Don’t let an implementation consultant rush you. Great consultants should be willing to lay solid foundations of knowledge and preparation, progress to the next steps, and slowly bring you to advanced user status so you don’t have holes in your knowledge or the implementation itself. This is especially important when implementing CRMs for startups.

They care about ongoing training and adoption

Look for a consultant who will stick with you for the long haul, not just somebody who gets you migrated and disappears. They should care about training your team and getting the CRM fully adopted.

We might be biased, but we believe in the Skydog way

Trying to find a CRM and RevOps partner that gets it can be frustrating. Our way is unique, to say the least. No project managers, only experts. No unnecessary complexity or fancy automations that don’t drive results. No BS, just a persistent, proactive team of experts. 

And call us biased, but the list you just read? We’re describing ourselves.

So, if you’re ready for a great CRM implementation consultant, fill out the form below!


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