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Salesforce Consulting: 5 Services You'll Get with Skydog Ops

There’s no arguing that Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms on the market—its capabilities are vast and a huge draw for hundreds of thousands of companies. But have you ever felt like your Salesforce setup is just scratching the surface of what it could be?

Maybe it was the third (or was that the fourth?) meeting spent trying to drag your team into actually using its various features. Or maybe it was one of those moments you zoned out to the tune of a cluttered dashboard. You know, the one that’s overflowing with—and we’re putting this gently—a lot of ‘less-than-useful’ metrics.

We get it. You’ve got the integrations, the strategy, and the software, so it's frustrating when things just aren’t getting done.

If this sounds like you, you’re certainly not alone. The fact is that a lot of businesses only use a fraction of Salesforce’s capabilities, even though there’s a lot more horsepower hidden under the hood.

That’s why Skydog Ops launched our own Salesforce consulting services.

With our expertise and guidance, you can unlock a whole new CRM platform customized to fit your exact needs and designed to drive real results. Let’s talk about the top 5 services we provide to help you get the most value out of your Salesforce CRM.

1. Salesforce implementation

For Salesforce to deliver from day one, your software needs to align with your strategy.

To be more specific, this means your CRM should complement your existing workflows, processes, and overall business objectives. To facilitate this, our team doesn’t settle for cookie-cutter solutions; we take the time to understand your business inside and out, configuring Salesforce for the optimal fit.

That means rolling up our sleeves to customize and manage the exact tools you’ll need for your specific industry.

With Skydog guiding your implementation, you can hit the ground running and start seeing the benefits right away.

2. Salesforce migration

We’re not going to sugarcoat it—migrating platforms is messy and disruptive. But it doesn’t have to be painful. With the right Salesforce experts at your side, you not only save yourself time but also the headaches that often come with migrating data from another CRM platform to Salesforce.

Skydog’s start-to-finish guidance ensures your migration goes off without a hitch via:

  • Pre-migration planning to identify your objectives, risks, and success metrics

  • Flawless execution of the transition for minimal downtime

  • Post-migration support to resolve any issues that may crop up and fine-tune system performance

Simply put, Skydog takes care of every detail to ensure a hassle-free migration that won’t weigh down your team.

3. System iteration

Businesses grow and change, and your Salesforce should, too. That’s why we’re committed to providing ongoing enhancements and updates to keep pace with your team’s evolving needs and challenges.

We don’t just sit and wait for something to break so we can fix it. Our proactive, dogged persistence means that we stay on top of—and implement—the latest innovations so that you don’t have to.

4. Data visualization

Picture a dashboard that spotlights crucial insights through clean, intuitive charts and graphs. This is data visualization—and it’s important for identifying gaps or other areas of improvement. Aside from this, you can also leverage data visualization to pinpoint trends, patterns, and outliers, evaluate output, and present results.

Essentially, through visualization, our custom reports and dashboards help transform this raw data into actionable intelligence, allowing your team to interpret key performance indicators at a glance.

This means no more deciphering disjointed metrics or overlooking game-changing information.

Additionally, Skydog designs custom visualizations aligned with your business goals, bringing only the most relevant insights to the forefront.

5. Team training

User adoption—and by extension, proficiency— starts with one thing: training. For Salesforce to really work for you (and not the other way around) your team needs to know how to use it.

Skydog offers comprehensive training programs tailored to your team’s specific needs. With role-based instruction directly from Salesforce experts, we set your team up for success through:

  • Personalized new user onboarding

  • Ongoing training aligned with evolving responsibilities

  • Resources and support to maximize adoption

Better training means better adoption and, ultimately, better business performance. Skydog ensures everyone can get the most out of your Salesforce CRM, streamlining the transition period and empowering your team in the long run.

Why choose Skydog Ops for Salesforce consulting?

Choosing Skydog Ops means choosing a partner who really gets what your business needs from Salesforce. That’s why we offer the complete package—from implementing the platform (or migrating you to it) to teaching your team how to use it and keeping it updated with the latest innovations.

With our comprehensive Salesforce managed services, you gain an instant, scalable solution for your CRM strategy. No stuffy project managers. No fancy bells and whistles. Just speed, simplicity, and winning results.

If that sounds like a good fit, why not book a strategy session and see what Skydog can do for you?

Get in touch via the contact form below—we would love to hear from you.


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