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The Top 6 Salesforce Partners for B2B Companies

The top 6 salesforce partners for B2B companies

Salesforce is a widely used customer relationship management (CRM) system, serving nearly 80% of Fortune 500 companies. Despite its popularity, Salesforce requires some expertise to leverage its full potential. This is where Salesforce partners come into play. These teams customize, implement, and optimize Salesforce solutions to satisfy businesses’ unique needs.

By working with a qualified Salesforce partner, you can get the most value from your Salesforce investment. Read on to discover six of the top Salesforce partners and how to choose the right one for your B2B company.

Why should a B2B organization utilize a Salesforce partner?

Every B2B organization has unique processes, goals, and regulatory requirements. Thus, a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. Even so, few companies possess the in-house resources needed to develop customized Salesforce solutions on their own.

That’s why 90% of Salesforce’s customers rely on third-party partners to bring their ideal solutions to life efficiently and cost-effectively. Skydog Ops is just one example—this particular Salesforce partner supports B2B companies by:

  • Understanding their unique goals and requirements

  • Ensuring their CRMs are built for scalability

  • Designing tailor-made solutions and integrations that focus on results

  • Managing implementations with speed and persistence

  • Providing expert training and ongoing support

  • Updating and optimizing solutions as needed

  • Offering strategic and proactive guidance at every stage

With this type of support, you can ensure the successful deployment of Salesforce within your B2B organization while remaining laser-focused on your core business objectives.

A look at the top Salesforce partners

Salesforce has over 11,000 partners across the globe, but here are six partners that stand out for their expertise, reliability, and client satisfaction:

1. Skydog Ops

Skydog is a growth-focused Salesforce partner that specializes in working with the following types of B2B companies:

  • Startups and technology companies

  • Healthcare technology organizations

  • Private equity and venture capital firms

Founded in 2020, Skydog proudly maintains its proactive and efficient startup mindset. With its fully integrated, flexible solutions, Skydog enables its clients to respond to changing market conditions with ease and agility, unlocking unprecedented levels of growth.

Skydog’s speed, simplicity, and reliable results have earned the company a reputation as a leading Salesforce CRM and Revenue Ops expert.

Note: Along with Salesforce services, Skydog offers Hubspot CRM support services and countless other CRM integrations.

2. Coastal Cloud

Founded in 2012, Coastal Cloud is a Salesforce integration company that works with B2B organizations from a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Communication and media

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • High tech

  • Life sciences

  • Manufacturing

  • Nonprofit

  • Private equity

  • Professional services

  • Public sector

  • Retail and consumer goods

  • Travel and hospitality

While Coastal Cloud’s industry list is vast, its CRM expertise is narrow. Coastal Cloud focuses solely on Salesforce solutions, primarily using pre-built components to shorten implementation timelines.

With a fully domestic team, Coastal Cloud is also known for its highly-rated customer service.

3. Silverline

Silverline has offered Salesforce services to B2B companies since 2009. It focuses on the following industries:

  • Financial services

  • Healthcare

  • Media and entertainment

Silverline strives to resolve its clients’ challenges in a streamlined way, providing them with exactly what they need and nothing more. It also gives its clients access to CalendarAnything, a best-selling Salesforce application.

4. SevenPoints

For roughly two decades, SevenPoints has helped Salesforce users develop, implement, integrate, and optimize their CRM solutions. Its client base is made up of companies from the following industries:

  • Retail

  • Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Technology

  • Financial services

  • Healthcare

By taking a practical approach, SevenPoints’ team of technologists and business process experts help Salesforce users maximize their return on investments (ROIs).

5. Simplus

Simplus has been delivering strategic Salesforce solutions since 2014. Its suite of services includes implementation, ongoing optimization, and change management.

Serving a global customer base, this Utah-based Salesforce partner specializes in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing

  • Financial services

  • High tech

  • Healthcare

  • Government and education

  • Retail and consumer goods

  • Media and communications

6. Magna5

Founded in 2017, Magna5 provides managed IT, cybersecurity, cloud hosting, and backup and disaster recovery services. It specializes in strengthening IT security for Salesforce users.

Magna5 supports several highly regulated industries with demanding uptime requirements, including healthcare, government, financial services, and manufacturing.

What to consider when picking a Salesforce partner

Before you decide which partner is right for your B2B company, clarify your company's goals and requirements. Then, you can evaluate each prospective Salesforce partner using the following factors:

  • Salesforce certifications

  • Industry-specific expertise

  • Project management strategies

  • Scope of services

  • Training and support offerings

  • Case studies and client reviews

  • Pricing

By choosing a certified Salesforce partner that understands your industry and offers the right set of services, you can ensure a winning partnership.

Empower your B2B organization with Salesforce excellence

Outsourcing your Salesforce support to an experienced partner can bolster your business’ results and ROI. You simply need to select the right partner for your goals and requirements.

If you want nimble solutions with robust results, consider partnering with Skydog Ops. As business-first thinkers, Skydog Ops is committed to making sure that your Salesforce CRM is uniquely tailored to your individual goals and needs.

At Skydog, we don’t wait for next steps—we take a proactive approach. If you’re the same, use the contact form below to find out how our customized Salesforce implementation services can supercharge your business growth.


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