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Industry: Fintech 

Amount raised: $64M

MainStreet takes the guesswork out of tax credits and passes the savings onto their customers, having saved companies over $150M. Despite consistent growth, MainStreet sales leadership remained in the dark on the success of their reps' top-of-funnel sales activity in Outreach and how that led to new business opportunities. The MainStreet team called on Skydog to fix the issue.

MainStreet's Tech Stack

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The Scenario

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Although Outreach and Salesforce have a native integration to sync activities, further customization was needed for MainStreet to better track cold outreach success. Without customization, MainStreet sales leaders would only see when qualified sales opportunities were manually created in Salesforce. They missed out on seeing volume and conversion metrics in Salesforce, their source of truth, and how certain reps and sequences performed in converting leads to qualified opportunities.

Skydog built out custom automation to automatically create a "Qualification" Opportunity when a prospect was added to an Outreach sequence, automatically updating the stage depending on prospect action.

The Impact

Skydog's solution saved reps time and delivered sales leaders with the Outreach reporting that they desired. From within Salesforce, they were now able to easily report on the average outbound effort it takes to get a meeting booked, which reps have highest performing outbound metrics, and identify areas to focus on training and growing the team. Because of this, MainStreet is able to make informed decisions regarding training, KPIs, hiring, and overall performance of their sales team. 

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