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Kellee Wasik

Kellee Wasik

Revenue Ops Manager

Kellee is an experienced revenue operations professional who is energized by digging into the challenging and messy parts of systems and processes that others might balk at.

She has worked in a variety of roles including revenue operations, data analytics, sales enablement, and solution engineering. Most recently, she was a customer solution engineer at Groove, a sales engagement platform. While at Groove, she architected solutions for automation, tech stack integration, advanced reporting, and GTM strategy while always considering users, customers, and business goals.

Kellee's degree in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University gives her a trained eye for process improvement, efficiency, and efficacy. She has a passion for STEM education and volunteers for several societies that support and advocate for students in STEM. Kellee lives in Iowa with her husband, two cats, and extensive tomato garden.

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