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Skydog Ops is
guided by two

1) Deliver unrivaled excellence for our partners

We strive to be the best in the CRM and RevOps game. Deep technical and business expertise, a startup mindset, and an unwavering focus on results drive us to meaningfully improve the way our clients work.

2) Build the best RevOps industry leaders

Exceptional results come from exceptional talent. We attract and nurture top-tier talent, giving exposure to diverse business models, cutting-edge tools, and complex technical challenges that propel our team members into becoming world-class RevOps leaders.

Our partnerships with companies of all sizes and industries have helped us develop and hone a distinct approach to the way that we work, “The Skydog Way."


Persistently Proactive

We don’t just sit and wait for assignments, we identify opportunity and pounce. We follow through and follow up, allowing our partners to focus on their goals while we do what we do best. Being Persistently Proactive isn’t just starting up. It also means taking projects to the finish line and beyond, making sure your team is getting the full value we promise.

Points On The Board

We have a bias towards action and results. While we love developing a long-term roadmap, we’re always itching to get quick wins that prove to our partners what we can do. We don’t just talk about change, we make it happen.

Keep It Simple and Clear

In a confusing and complex world, the straightforward solution wins. A seemingly infinite number of sales and marketing tools have led to an infinite number of ways that systems and teams have become overcomplicated and overwhelmed. Skydog is here to solve that. Our simple and clear mantra influences everything we do: how we communicate, how we build, and how we think.

Full Stack

Building solutions for high-growth companies requires full-picture thinking. Our holistic approach means building systems for everyone (from entry-level sales rep to CEOs) and every team (from sales to marketing to customer success, and more). When it comes to our own skillsets, we build ourselves into technical and business experts, with soft skills to boot. We’re the “full stack” RevOps experts our partners need.

People You Want To Be Around

Let’s be real: we’re going to spend a lot of time in the trenches together. Through the ups and downs we’ll be who we always are: open, approachable, and a lot of fun. Nothing can kill our vibe.

Speak Up

Developing trust with each other and our partners allows room for polite, brutal honesty. We voice our opinions and push back where needed when we’re confident it will push Skydog and our partners forward. That radical candor means we celebrate when things are going well and we’re honest when they’re not. It’s our responsibility to help each other reach our full potential and listen when others are voicing their thoughts.

Get Your Paws Dirty

We believe in learning by doing…and sometimes failing…and often googling. Exposure to a wide range of tools, industries, and technical problems is the only way to build ourselves into true RevOps leaders. We push ourselves, each other, and our partners to lean into the challenging and unknown.

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