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How a RevOps Agency Streamlines Your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success

Ask 10 people what revenue operations (RevOps) is, and you’ll get 10 different answers. Our take? The job of a RevOps agency is to reduce friction in the customer buying experience as much as possible by structuring your tools and operations so that it’s easy for sales and marketing to maximize their productivity.

Think of a RevOps agency as your partner for intelligently selecting, implementing, maintaining, and developing training for all of the tooling that underpins your Go To Market processes.

We manage your commercial tech stack to help you spend more time marketing and selling and less time futzing with your tooling.

The RevOps Agency Advantage

To understand the advantage of partnering with a RevOps agency, let’s look at what it’s like when you don’t optimize things.

What do things look like when not optimized?

Many organizations without a RevOps agency end up operating in a disorganized way, leading to missed opportunities and errors. This can mean dropped leads, long response times, lengthy and annoying proposal creation processes, and losing track of closed/lost opportunities. It’s also common for sales and customer success (CS) teams to not communicate, causing bad onboarding experiences that annoy customers. It doesn’t have to be that way.

RevOps Strategy

Before selecting tools, we need to understand your GTM strategy so we can select and implement a tech stack that enables the strategy. The first goal for RevOps is to understand your go-to-market motion: the way you acquire and nurture customers, to identify what’s working and not.

Our goal will be to improve the sales operations processes at the bottom of the funnel, from when leads enter into the pipeline through to onboarding.

Then we evaluate marketing ops, then customer success. Sometimes, if your main focus is expansion with a usage-based or product-led growth (PLG) strategy, we might start with customer success operations processes and tools first: then sales, and then marketing.

The first step we take is to understand your strategy, analyze your processes, find what works and what doesn’t, and then start solving problems with tools.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Once we understand the big picture, RevOps should build a tech stack that aligns sales and marketing or, better maintain the existing stack. What does this mean? Simple: Marketing and martech, should focus on enabling sales. It seems obvious, but too often, marketing teams focus on generating attention without thinking about who they’re going after. If marketing is passing “qualified” leads that won’t convert or are outside your ideal customer profile, that’s a problem. Sales and marketing need to be on the same page about who to go get. The job of revenue operations is to streamline lead routing, simplify qualification, and automate CRM data entry.

On the other side, sales needs to do a great job converting. That means giving them tools to enable timely lead response, aligning messaging with marketing, and maintaining a good information loop so both teams can keep optimizing.

Sales and Customer Success Alignment

Next, sales and CS need to align. After closing, CS needs to deliver on what was promised. Sales should set CS up for success, and CS should maintain momentum to encourage customer expansion and net revenue retention (NRR). Clear roles should be defined as to who does what concerning onboarding and expansion. For example, how long is sales involved after closing?

Do they step back in for renewals and expansions, or do customer success managers (CSMs) take that on?

All of this can be captured in a well-defined and maintained service level agreement (SLA) between the departments.

Managing your CRM & RevOps Tech Stack

Once the strategy has been downloaded from the c-suite and all teams are in alignment, then tech and tools come into play as a means of operationalizing that strategy. Your RevOps agency can help make those tech decisions, including negotiating good prices from SaaS providers and implementing the tools themselves. RevOps should be involved in the strategy process leading up to this point, as well.

Salesforce CRM Optimization & Admin

Knowing your GTM strategy means that RevOps can make your SFDC instance less of a beast. We’ll design great data ops processes, implement clean opportunity stages and selling systems, and create the executive-level dashboards you always wish you had.

Hubspot CRM Management

Getting the most out of Hubspot can be a challenge: less powerful than Salesforce, but easier to use. The good news is that, in our years of working with Hubspot, we’ve seen its capabilities expand. RevOps teams can now build robust sales and CS processes in Hubspot that rival SFDC.

A good RevOps agency helps you sell better and faster

A big part of your RevOps agency’s job is to help you maximize your tools, but you shouldn’t think of them as simple “tools jockeys”. Instead, think of them as the master implementer of your go-to-market operational processes. It’s RevOps’ job to oversee the entire process, intake strategy from the executive team and work expertly across various functions. Great RevOps professionals bring business skills and diplomacy alongside deep technical expertise.

That’s exactly how we think of it at Skydog Ops. So, if you’re ready to streamline and align sales, marketing, and customer success. Contact us below and we'll reach out.


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