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Industry: Robotics / Construction

Amount raised: $68M

Dusty Robotics, creators of robotics for the modern construction workforce, approached Skydog when their initial CRM had reached its limits. Expanding quickly, Dusty was in need of a customized Salesforce setup that fit their unique business and integrated with their wide range of tools, including Netsuite, HubSpot, DocuSign and their own internal platform tracking millions of square feet recorded by Dusty’s robots at construction sites across the country.

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The Dusty Robotics Tech Stack

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The Scenario

A series of discovery calls with Skydog flagged obstacles Dusty was facing with their prior CRM setup, which was only being used to track the initial sale of their product and services. Skydog and Dusty Robotics agreed a full Salesforce implementation would achieve success if the full customer lifecycle could be tracked in one system, from prospecting to project management and resale. Given Dusty's complex business, an initial implementation needed to account for integrations with a slew of internal tools across marketing, finance, sales, and with Dusty's own internal platform tracking their robots' data.

The Outcome

Skydog built and launched Dusty's Salesforce org on an expedited timeline, interacting with and gathering requirements from team members across the organization. Developing custom object architecture to track projects at construction sites, Dusty could finally see a single view into each customer project, along with the various stakeholders involved. Salesforce has truly emerged as Dusty's source of truth, mapping in data from their robots in the field, visualizing reporting on sales data for leadership, providing accurate data for accounting, and more. Since launch, the CRM has proven to be scalable and flexible as the team has more than doubled and new territories have been established.

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